Material Selections


Here are some granite color choices we offer. If you wish to match a color not shown below we can find a match for most materials. Shown Polished and Frosted.

Granite is a very hard and durable natural material. Composed mainly of quartz, feldspar & mica and comes in many, many colors.
Quarried from the earth with it’s distinguishing colors and veining, granite is our favorite and preferred material to work with as well as one of the most widely used materials for memorials.
We only use Monument Grade granite, meaning: it is known to be excellent for year round, constant exposure to the elements.
Once carved, the information will be on the stone thousands of years from now.
Please note that since granite is a natural material no two pieces will ever be identical. 


Used as an alternative to granite and sometimes required by certain cemeteries, bronze markers are one of the only metals that will last when exposed to the elements. Patterns are laid out and inscriptions set then a casting is made to create the memorial. After grinding and cleaning, bronze markers are then painted and sealed.