How To

How To Select The Perfect Memorial

Throughout the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of families create the perfect memorial for their “people.” Their husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children and friends.

We know this is one of the most difficult decisions at one of the most difficult times of your life and we’re here to help.

While there are many, many different design elements, material finishes and other options, we specialize in helping you design a memorial for your loved one that will last centuries.

Questions to ask yourself when selecting a memorial include:

  • Is the monument for cremation or burial?
  • Is the monument for 1 or 2 people?
  • If for 2 people, how many grave spaces are intended to be used?
    • (Many cemeteries allow for 1 burial and 1 cremation OR 2 cremations per grave)
  • Would you like to match an existing memorial?

At Barnes Monuments, our process is simple!

  1. We ask you which cemetery the memorial will be going to.
  2. We ask if it’s an individual memorial or a companion memorial.
  3. We assist you in selecting a memorial that:
    • Fits your budget
    • Includes a design that reflects your loved ones memory
    • Is crafted to stand the tests of time